My 30-Day Vacation Challenge – Around St. Vincent & the Grenadines in 30 Days


There is no better place to be than home; and while our studies and professional obligations may sometimes take us elsewhere for extended periods of time, there is a longing for the familiarity and comfort of family, old friends, and hometowns that is perhaps best described as ‘perfectly natural’.

I have spent nearly half of my life overseas – studying, working, traveling – seeing and experiencing different cultures; and the more I learn about the uniqueness and intrigue of foreign customs and norms, the more curious I become about my own.

So here comes the big admission – that I am perhaps not the only Vincentian guilty of: I grew up in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and I have spent a significant amount of time here since returning from Nairobi in Summer 2015.

I have made numerous resolutions and promises to myself each year, to personally experience the ‘Ins and Outs’ of my beautiful, tropical multi-island home. Needless I say, I have not done so… until now of course.


It has only been two days in, and I am already having the time of my life on this ’30-Day Challenge’. I cannot recall the last time I have been this excited – quite literally – about getting out of my bed to do anything at all. After all, we go to our offices, our classrooms and meetings out of obligation. But this? This is an adventure… A personal challenge that means so much more to me than beautiful photographs and Instagram updates. It is however largely about refocusing my life, my spiritually, and my passions – and I keenly look forward to sharing with you those amazing stories that are about to unfold.

So over the next four weeks (every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), I will posting a new blog highlighting my visits to various sites, hotels, the amazing people I meet along the way, and of course those inescapable and invaluable life-lessons that personal and intimate experiences like these tend to afford us.


So until next time, remember:

‘Your present circumstances may not turn around in ways that you can conceive, hope for, or expect. The reality is that God’s timing is not based on the human conception of hours, days, and years. Be reminded however, that God has never, and will never stumble on a single promise concerning you.’ – Dr. Jamal Browne


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