Season Two: New Blog Series


There comes a point in each of our lives when our peace-of-mind, joy, fulfillment, and survival will rest squarely on our willingness to let go of repressive actions, attitudes, mindsets, and relationships. Today, I have taken that bold and necessary decision to ‘let go’: How about you?

A New Season

I am incredibly excited about this new blog series for three main reasons. First of all, the timing is perfect. I cannot think of a season past when I have been more convinced of the need to invest my time and energy into curating uplifting content. There are a lot of hurting people out there, and then there are those who simply need that extra bit of inspiration to help them over the next hurdle. But there are also those who are so full of energy and positivity, that all they may need is a consistent stream of advice. It is my goal to have added value to the lives of persons in each of these groups by the end of this series.

Remember, this platform was created for you; and it is in no form or fashion a vanity project for me. I do try to make it as personal as possible – digging deeply into my personal and professional experiences for those critical life lessons – as inspiration is not just found in what we say, but in how we live. So this is essentially my way of sharing my life with you.

My second reason for being so excited about this series is that I am at a very good place in my life at the moment – and by this I mean spiritually, emotionally, and providentially.

It goes without saying that it is impossible to offer sound advice or encouragement to anyone when your own spirit, heart, and mind are not in a good place; and that the lack of financial and material resources keeps us excessively busy in simply trying to survive. Thankfully, God has been providing for me. So I cannot conjure a single viable reason for not re-investing into the lives of others in whichever way God calls me to – these blogs being one such way.

My third reason is that I have just released my first book – which was largely based on my previous blog series (learn more here). From those warm Summer days in New York City last year, working through my manuscript, to eventually releasing the book on January 26th of this year, the process was extremely personal and intimate for me.

It was a season of deep reflection, introspection, transformation and repositioning, and the artist inside of me needed that outlet to document exactly what was taking place in my life for that season. The very testimony that informed this book, confirms the impact that it will continue to have for many years to come.


It is Time to Cross Over

The intrigue and adventure of preparing the manuscript of Defying the Odds – Your Personal Guide to Victorious Living was tied to the fact that it was prepared amidst a season of endless disappointments in my own life. But I was persuaded even then, that God was allowing me to go through that season in preparation for the victory that I am experiencing today.

For those of us who are Christians, we are reminded of the theological virtue of ‘Faith’, which has been described in the Holy Bible as “…confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

The lesson here is that in order to attain that which we aspire to, we will be required to hold on – regardless of our present circumstances – with the confidence that God will reward our patient, persistent, honest and diligent pursuit of our goals in life. Crossing over into your season of victory will demand nothing less.

Crossing over however, also demands classical interventions such as the wisdom to know when the time is right to change our environments, and with whom to collaborate and build relationships. It demands that we calmly and boldly walk away from friendships and ventures that are draining us. It demands that we improve our attitudes towards those in authority as well those whom we perceive to be less fortunate than ourselves.

Crossing over demands that we be completely transformed, as it presents the opportunity for us to conquer to new territory – which comes with new perils – and to help others through their seasons of pain and uncertainty.

Join me over the next couple months, as we take this journey together into our seasons of victory.


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