6 Simple Ingredients to Successfully Launching Your Next Business

Defying the Odds
I am about to supercharge my YouTube Channel with brand new videos. Be sure to subscribe!

There are success stories all around us that confirm that we do not need a million dollars to launch a successful enterprise. All that is needed is:

  1. A great idea – one that can add value to people’s lives;
  2. Passion towards your idea;
  3. Determination;
  4. Discipline;
  5. An extremely reliable network friends, well-wishers, advisors & mentors, prospective financiers; and
  6. An insatiable desire to succeed.

These are the real ingredients to successfully launching your next enterprise. Pursue these well, and the financial resources WILL follow.


Today, I dare you to be bold enough to run with your vision, even when the path is unclear. I dare you to be different – different enough to fully explore your creative capacity and your ability to generate meaningful impact. I dare you to ‘Defy the Odds’.

Three weeks of beta testing on my brand new YouTube Channel, saw the accumulation of 200 organic subscriptions – thanks to the support received from friends, colleagues, and my broader social media network.

This is definitely a very small step in the grand scheme of things – as my vision is to reach a large global audience. However, I am forever grateful to each and everyone who has supported in any way thus far.

My goal for the month of May is to accumulate at least 1000 new subscriptions, and I am currently preparing a new series of videos to help you supercharge your life and career. You can learn more about this channel, and remain updated on all upcoming videos by visiting and subscribing at Jamal Browne – Defying the Odds. Cheers to a GREAT weekend!

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