It is Time to Spread Your Wings and Soar

Bald Eagle Mid-flight
The bald eagle soars through the sky scouting the terrain for new opportunities.

My professional journey over the last two years has taught me many invaluable lessons. Principal among them is the need to stay true to my passions – those key areas of professional interest that engender a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I can vividly recall when I first joined the United Nations back in 2014, how excited I felt about the prospect of merging my substantive training and keen awareness of international development issues, with my vast skill-set in media, communications, research, documentation, public speaking, etc.

I however quickly realized that – at least for myself – there was no such liberty. I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work within the United Nations; but so too was I discouraged by the limitations imposed on me.

Whether it was the right decision or not for me to leave the organization at that point is very debatable. For while I have since found great difficulty in securing the types of positions that I truly believe that I am capable of filling, I am comforted in knowing that whenever my next major assignment comes, it will be one that allows me to spread my wings and soar.


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