Consider Your Dormant Talents – You Might Just Find Financial Freedom There

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Are you growing increasingly anxious about your apparent inability to access opportunities within your respective area(s) of expertise? Well, the fact remains that you are not alone, as many professionals – young and old – continue to face major challenges in this regard.

A few months ago, as I sat reflecting on my life, purpose, and career, it dawned on me that many of us possess multiple talents and abilities that have grown dormant due to years of neglect, while our professional and vocational tunnel visions have caused us to pour our energies and passions into pursuits that have thus far fallen short of expectations.

I recently completed my doctoral studies, and I can safely say that I have had an amazing career in my field of interest – barring the many obstacles that I have had to overcome along the way. I can probably guess what you’re thinking: I hardly ever speak about my area of formal training, and I typically come across as more of a Writer, Lifestyle & Career Blogger, and Motivational Speaker than anything else.

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The truth is, even before immersing myself into years of formal tuition within the Land sector, I have always had a keen interest in exactly what I have found myself pursuing right now. This of course builds on my earlier training in Journalism, Film Production, and Broadcasting, but does not take away from the fact that I am still a Land & Property Expert. What it has perhaps done, is to improve and broaden my perspective what obtains in the modern workplace of diverse industries.

Thankfully, I have had a few amazing opportunities to merge my professional interests. I have however seen the need to explore my full range of competencies – understanding how they compliment each other – rather than focus on one at the expense of the others.

From a practical Christian standpoint, God does not randomly assign talents and abilities. We can therefore be assured that every God-given talent or ability is backed by a higher purpose, for He is indeed intentional in all He does.


So if your chosen career path appears to be failing you right now, I encourage you to prayerfully consider the range of closely associated talents and abilities that you have perhaps been sitting on all these years.

Remember, that obstacle that you are facing in your career right now, is perhaps a sign that it is time to activate your faith and dormant talents, and create a slightly or completely new path, as your financial freedom, peace of mind, and personal fulfillment depends on it.



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