How President Obama’s Conviction & Passion About His Spirituality Inspired Me

I recently came across this really intriguing article in the Economist about President Obama’s spiritual development, and what the author describes as the “conviction and passion” with which he speaks on the subject.


My interest was first captured by what I considered an unusual yet distinctive social media post, which stated, “Obama was a rare President – one able to speak of God with a vulnerability and integrity that compels respect.”

My personal conviction on this subject, is that each individual plays his or her little part in making the world a better place – a responsibility that ought not be removed from our spirituality, lest we lose sight of the higher purpose for which we work.

President Obama clearly understood that; and whereas our opinions may diverge on certain policy issues, POTUS’ openness and sincerity about his spirituality must be applauded. He was unrestrained about his faith, while so many others – myself included – felt muzzled.

It was for this reason that I was so encouraged and inspired by this article, as the world and social media seems to be growing increasingly tolerant of all views and lifestyles, with the exception of a few – not the least of which are Christian views and customs.

But as President Obama has demonstrated in his tenure at the Oval Office, it is our fundamental right to express our religious views openly – albeit within the ambits of sound reason and tolerance for the views of others.

His approach to the subject is instructive of how we can be honest and passionate about our spirituality – or any other largely emotive issue – as professionals, without being offensive or presumptuous.

So go right ahead! Be passionate, unrestrained, wise, “vulnerable and [sincere]” in sharing your faith and the Good News of Salvation with anyone receptive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just be willing to reciprocate this liberty to anyone with a divergent view to your own.

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