Real Change Comes through the Power of Diversity

Sharing a light moment with multiple Emmy Award-winning Documentary Film Producer, Chris Schueler of Christopher Productions

In 2016, I had the honor of meeting many outstanding professionals from across the globe, doing amazing things within their respective fields of interest:

From a multiple Emmy Award-winning Documentary Film Producer creating social change among millennials across the globe, to a genius American Urban Economist whose work is transforming an entire metropolitan area in one of America’s poorest states. From a visionary Panamanian Sustainable Fashion Designer whose work brings new life to custom designs, fair wages, and environmentally friendly production, to one of Latin America’s finest Electronic Medical Records Systems Experts.

Importantly however, amidst all the professional, cultural, and ethnic diversity that I encountered on my journey through 2016, I discovered a simple yet profound unifying trait – an unpretentious forethought of a better world. Real change comes by leveraging the power of diversity.

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