God has Done it Again!


On Thursday November 17, 2016, I successfully defended my PhD in the presence of faculty members and colleagues that I have known for more than a decade – many of whom have in very tangible ways contributed to my academic and professional development, and to whom I am forever grateful.

Special thanks to the most amazing Research Supervisor in the world, Dr. Charisse Griffith-Charles – a model professional, an outstanding academic, and a sincere, compassionate individual.

8 years ago, as a frustrated undergraduate, you told me that you expected to hear great things about me in the future, and I have carried those words in my heart since then. Thank you for taking me under your wings, and for nurturing me into the thinker that I am today.

But above all, I give thanks and praise to Jehovah, The True & Living God, for making this day a reality – for on many occasions, it seemed much too distant and improbable, even impossible. But I have learnt over the course of my life, that with God, all things are possible.

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